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YouTube channel perfectly ruins perfectly good songs

07.28.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles
YouTube channel perfectly ruins perfectly good songsDo you like good things? Of course you do! Good things are good.  Well, sorry, because this YouTube channel is here to ruin good things.  There I Ruined It has posted just two videos in its brief existence, but both posts great. The idea is simple: take something good and hilariously mess it up. So far, the channel has dropped two straight-up terrible reimaginings of good songs.  For instance: Do you like Nirvana? Too bad. There I Ruined It is, well, here to ruin it. They turned Nirvana's Unplugged performance of "Come As You Are" into a just awful swing song. I mean undeniably terrible. Here it is.  Read more... More about Music, Youtube, Parody, Remix, and Parody Video

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