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You’re probably doing LinkedIn wrong, but it’s gonna be okay

12.08.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
You're probably doing LinkedIn wrong, but it's gonna be okayTL;DR: Even if you're not currently looking for a job, the time to optimize your LinkedIn is ... yesterday. Make sure you're using all that the website has to offer with the The Essential LinkedIn Mastery Bundle on sale for $29.99, a 94% savings. 
Just because you’ve already got 500+ followers and various family members have endorsed you for ‘skills’ you may or may not possess does not mean you are a master of LinkedIn. Far from it. Because while the platform can seem like little more than a place where you copy and paste your résumé, or where recruiters copy and paste inspirational quotes, it’s actually capable of a lot more than that. Read more... More about Linkedin, Networking, Training, Mashable Shopping, and Online Courses

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