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Xenon Gas and its Ability to Create Light

08.19.2008 · Posted in Cars Articles

Xenon is a colorless and odorless gas that is naturally found in the environment. It is typically an unreactive element yet its use has been extended to the creation of light. There are two types of xenon lamps, the xenon arc lamp and the xenon flash lamp.rnrnThe xenon arc lamp gives off an artificial light which uses ionized xenon gas to do so. The light produced by this process closely resembles daylight. There are two categories of xenon arc lamps, namely continuous-output xenon short-arc lamps and continuous-output xenon long arc lamps. Xenon arc lamps have the same way of producing light in that it creates an arc between two tungsten electrodes. This arc is what emits the light of the xenon lamp. Xenon short-arc lamps are lamps that require a high voltage to start. They also require a well regulated direct current as its power source. Short arc lamps are very unstable, thus needing a constant power supply to keep it in operation. Xenon long-arc lamps differ from the short arc lamps in that it creates a longer arc, thereby giving off a brighter illumination. Usually these lamps are used to simulate sunlight. rnrnThe xenon flash lamp is commonly used in photography and is designed to only produce intense white light for short durations. It consists of a fused quartz tube that is filled with a mixture of gases, mainly xenon though, and electrodes which carry the electrical current to the mixture. The electrical current then energizes the gas which creates the bright light needed. In order for the electric current to energize the gas in a fast manner, a good power source is needed.rnrnThese are just some of the applications of xenon in the lighting technology. Since it has been introduced in the market, xenon lighting has had a large following from car enthusiasts as well as lighting experts because xenon lighting has several advantages over conventional lighting. Some of its advantages include brighter light at half the power needed to generate such light, more efficient in terms of energy efficiency, is not likely to fail since no filament is required in the generation of light, and xenon lighting guarantees that there is no maintenance attached in its entire lifetime when you invest in one. rnrnIndeed it is pretty amazing to note on how far lighting technology has evolved from fires, candles, incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, halogen lamps, and now this wonderful discovery of xenon lighting. Truly, light has come a long away and for sure, in the future, there will be more interesting lighting technology that will come. But as for now, xenon lighting is the best there is, so take advantage of it while it is still a popular choice in the society today.

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