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World Cup Winning Gifts for Father’s Day!

04.26.2010 · Posted in Games Articles

World Cup Winning Gifts for Father’s Day!rnThe FIFA World Cup 2010 kicks off in South Africa on Friday 11th June. 32 world class teams divided into 8 groups will take to the perfectly manicured pitches in 9 stadiums, spread out over the host nation. Will defending champions Italy retain their crown or will Fabio Capello guide our boys to World Cup victory? rnMeanwhile back on home turf, the whistle sounds for Father’s Day on Sunday 20th June. So only being into the first quarter of play, why not treat football mad dads everywhere to some wonderful World Cup inspired fathers day gifts from Here we have got an arena full of match fit football gifts for dads. So take a breather, grab a drink, take a bite of an orange and check out our team pick of fabulous father’s day footballing gifts. perfect Father’s day gift for your beloved dad would be a ticket to sit in one of the stadiums, to watch England play a World Cup Game in South Africa. Well, unfortunately can’t offer you that fantasy. However, if another dream of his is to tour the hallowed ground of his favourite team, then we can perhaps turn that into a reality!rnThe Father’s Day Football Club Tour Experience entitles one adult and one child (under 16) to a tour around their favourite football club. On selected Monday to Sunday dates throughout the year, you can choose between Old Trafford, Manchester; Emirates Stadium, London and Anfield, Liverpool. Your dad can pose at the entrance of the player’s tunnel and in the dugout and gaze dreamily onto the pitch, where world cup players such as Rooney and Gerrard usually kick a ball about. rn With the possibility of a visit to the players’ dressing rooms too, your dad will be in absolute footy heaven and won’t give a second thought to not being in South Africa. I mean, who’d want to be sat in a sweltering stadium watching your top player from a distance anyway, when you could touch the benches they actually sit on and the floor they walk (and probably throw their sweaty socks) on too?rnNo doubt your dad will be glued to the telly, yelling either encouragement or disbelief at every single touch of the ball. Now just in case he loses his voice or doesn’t want to feel alone in his moments of delight or despair in his armchair, why not treat him to the utterly brilliant Big Match Football Sound Machine? The Big Match Sound Machine is packed with 16 high-fidelity football sound effects. This fun football sound machine includes super sound bites such as “Oh magnificent goal! Look at that!”, as well as a whistle and horn sounds. With the Big Match Sound Machine at his side, your dad will feel like he is stood on the terraces with all his fellow football fans cheering and booing, and not sat in his living room on his lonesome!rnHas your dad been driving everyone mad with his excitement and anticipation of this year’s World Cup? Has he been eagerly counting down the days to the start and already stocked up on supplies for his month long duration in front on the TV? If so, then how about letting him show his support for our home team to the world, the neighbours and the postman by giving him the England World Cup Flag to fly.rnYour father can let this hugely patriotic five foot by three foot St George’s flag flutter in the wind, or he could hang it from his bedroom window, plaster it across the garage door or simply wear it as a cape! However he wishes to display it, they’ll no doubt which football team he is supporting this World Cup.rnFor this hat trick of gifts for dads and more, be sure to get online to today. Score a World Cup winning goal with your dear dad with some fantastic football themed gifts. Oh and enjoy this summer’s biggest sporting event too! JonesrnFind Me A GiftrnrnBecause giving feels good……

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