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Workplace Bullying – What You Need to Know

06.11.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

Whenever we use to hear the term of bullying first thing that came into our mind is kids in the school. Actually, you should know that bullying in not confined to schools only, but it also happen in the workplaces. Actually, it uses to have so many intense psychological impacts that are very hard to deal with.  Obviously, these effects will further lead towards cause the severe depression. That is very harmful and dangerous form of mental illness if not treated properly.

So in short, bullying could be very intense and harmful that can affect your life in so many different ways. So employers in this regard should prefer to take steps to stop bullying and reduce its overall effects. It will help them to increase the efficiency of employees and improve the productivity. Keep in mind that you can simply contact best employment solicitors in Manchester UK to cope up with this situation. Here in this article we are discussing about workplace bullying and facts about it which everyone should know:


What is Workplace Bullying?

Actually workplace bullying is the frequent pattern of someone’s negative behavior that will be aimed at any of the specific person or even the group of people working in the office. Actually, this type of negative behavior might include any type of physical abuse, negative comments, body shaming, or even the threat of abuse. Actually, most of the workplace bullying become the reason of causing psychological effects rather than any type of physical harm. Other than that you should know that ****** harassment and any type of discrimination done in the workplace might also consider to be a form of bullying.

Activities Involved in Bullying:

For people who actually want to deal with the bullying should first of all know about the activities that might be involved in workplace bullying. After that he will become able to deal with all these behaviors. Here we are explaining some of them:

  • Activities just like spreading negative and humiliating rumours about certain person.
  • Other than that, it also includes activities of making someone offensive by doing humiliating and unreasonable jokes or even the comments.
  • Activities of doing purposefully insults or put downs of certain employees or workers. So yes, employers can also become part of this activity.
  • Other than that bullying also include activities like blaming, unwanted criticizing, belittling and also scolding of employees just for fun.
  • Other than that some employers opt to do purposefully excluding or isolating to some of the employees that also included in bullying.

Who are the Bullies?

Another thing that you should prefer to know about workplace bullying is that who actually the bullies are. So yes, it will be surprising to know that bullies might be the managers, coworkers, supervisors and also the clients.

Reasons Why People are Bullied:

  • Actually, people opt to do bullying to sideline someone with whom they use to feel threatened in term of better performance or higher IQ.
  • Further, they just want to achieve their own agenda even at the cost of other people’s emotion.
  • Some people opt to do bullying in the workplace just because they want to deny their own responsibility by maintaining a certain behavior.


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