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Will You and Your Staff Walk the Speak

08.28.2011 · Posted in Self Improvement Articles

Have your actions been matching your words? Have the employees in your organization been obtaining their work completed within the ways its desired values are written? If your answer is “no” to either of those questions, you and your organization are most likely experiencing performance problems and not reaching an optimal potential.rnSince values demonstrate “how” you are doing what you are doing, your daily decisions and actions portray your ways of being and doing. Values form behaviors and facilitate to confirm your vision involves fruition with the most effective and economical approaches. They answer the questions, “How do we get our work done around here?”, or “How do I build a relationship with somebody?”, or “How do we have a tendency to perform as a team or family?”.rnSamples of ValuesrnAccountability and EmpowermentrnCollaboration and TeamworkrnCommunication and NegotiationrnClient ServicernFlexibility and Open-mindfulnessrnFun and LaughterrnKindness and RespectrnSelf-awareness and Self-directionrnPersonal and Skilled DevelopmentrnQuality of OutcomesrnTo determine your desired values, ask yourself, “What competencies and traits do I need my workers or my own character to demonstrate?”. Next, list the particular behaviors that can be observed and measured in line with your required competencies and traits. Finally, you want to walk the talk and make your actions match your words.When you opt to measure and work in step with your desired values, your responses and activities will be more effective and efficient, which will bring you bigger success and fewer stress. You will begin creating daily decisions that mirror your values. You may build your vision and desired outcomes return true.

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