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Why Miao People Believe The Rooster Calls Out The Sun

07.07.2009 · Posted in Arts and Entertainment Article

Do you know why roosters crow in the morning? The Miao minority group in southwestern China have an interesting story about it.nnA long, long time ago, there were seven suns and seven moons in the sky that appeared by turns to bring people warmth and light. But one year, the seven suns and moon broke up their good relationship after a big fight. Every day and night, they came out together. The heat ruined almost everything. The plants withered, and the rivers dried up.[I:36:J]nnA man called Nuo Ya made a decision to help people out of this situation. He crafted a big bow and arrow with the branches and trunk of an old tree, then climbed to the top of the highest mountain to shoot the suns and moons. Soon, he shot down six suns and moons. Then Nuo Ya talked to himself: the sun is male, and the moon is female. I should keep each one of them for the world. So he stopped shooting and left.nnIt was cooler at once without the six suns. However a new problem appeared: the sun and moon feared to be shot, so they hid and dared not come out. Without the sun and moon, it was dark, freezing, and scary.nnPeople complained to Nuo Ya, How can we make a living in this situation? Nuo Ya asked them, In this world, whose voice is the loudest? We can ask them to invite the sun and moon out. The men answered, A tiger makes the loudest sound. So a tiger was asked to call out to the sun and moon. The tiger roared to the sky like thunder, but this scared the sun and the moon even more.nnNuo Ya asked his people again, Whose voice is the most attractive in this world? The girls replied, songs of a rooster can intoxicate anyone’s heart. Why not let him to call out the sun and the moon?nnAfter a good rest, the rooster got up very early the next morning to crow loudly to the sky. His intoxicating songs woke up the sun and moon. The rooster continued to sing. The sun slowly climbed in the sky and finally got to the peak of the mountain. The beautiful sunshine looked so amazing. People were so excited that they sang and dance around the proud rooster.nnBut the moon was still shy, and it only showed up in the evening.nnToday, almost every Miao family has a rooster in their home.

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