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Why is Car Insurance so High for Teenagers?

06.19.2009 · Posted in Vehicles Articles

Car insurance can be expensive at any age. One group of drivers where the rates tend to be the highest is teenagers. If you have a teenager who is about to start driving, it is important to explain why their car insurance premium is so high. nnStatistics show that teenage drivers are higher risk drivers therefore they are a higher risk to insure. Statistical research has shown that drivers under the age of 20 are three times more likely to be involved in an accident. According to the CDC, “in 2005, over 4,500 teen deaths were a result of injuries sustained during an automobile accident, and 400,000 suffered nonfatal injuries. As well, teens in 2005 accounted for only 10% of the population but were victims of 12% of fatalities caused by motor vehicle accidents.” nnBoys under the age of 20 are at a greater risk of getting into an accident. Statistics also show that young male teens under the age of 20 are more at risk of violating such traffic laws as speeding, and they tend to drive more at night when there is a higher risk of an accident. For young people who just start to drive, they tend to make a number of driving mistakes. Teenage drivers are twice as likely to have an accident within their first year of driving, than a driver over the age of 25. Therefore their premium reflects the risk. Lack of experience and recklessness are two of the main factors affecting the price of a teens insurance premium. nnInsuring your teenager could lead to insurance rates doubling. There are a number of methods one can employ to lower a teens car insurance premium. Not all insurance companies offer the same price, so make sure that you shop around to compare insurance rate quotes. You should be aware of discounts that may be offered. Students who maintain a “B” (3.0) grade point average can often receive a savings of up 20% off their insurance premium. Most insurance companies will provide savings for a teen that completes a student safety driver program from a certified and recognized driving institute.nnThe type of vehicle also determines the price of the premium. New and expensive cars will result in a high premium. A teen should drive an older car and maintain a clean driving record so that when they are ready to upgrade to a newer car, premiums will not be so high.nnMany parents add their children to their policy. Adding a teen to a parents car insurance policy should involve explaining the type of car incidents that can increase a car insurance premium Parents can also require that the teen pays for the increase in the premium. This will give the teen incentive to obey traffic laws to avoid any further increases in the premium. Insurance companies will also include mileage as a factor. Keeping mileage low will keep your premiums low. Parents can set driving limits regarding how long the teen can use the car. nnCar insurance for teen drivers does not have to cause your premium to skyrocket. When you and your teen are aware of the many ways you can lower your premiums and you implement them, it will help reduce insurance costs Taking time to explain why car insurance rates for teenagers will teach them fiscal responsibility and keep them safe when they are driving.

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