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Why Fly Any Other Way – Private Jet Charters

11.04.2009 · Posted in Business News Article

When traveling far from home, whether it is cross country, or to another continent, one of the most dreaded parts of your trip is dealing with the aggravations of the airport. You need to make sure you leave early enough to allow for traffic delays to make sure you get to the airport on time. Then you need to wait as you and your baggage are thoroughly checked at the security checkpoints. If you manage to get to the airport on time, and get security without any delays then you may still end up with a delayed flight that leaves you sitting in the terminal, or even worse in the plane, for hours. If you charter a private jet, however, these aggravations can easily be eliminated.nnNot only will you eliminate travel time and stress when utilizing a private jet charter, but there are also a lot of other perks for you to enjoy. For starters, there is no waiting to check into your flight and board the plane. With private jet charters you and your passengers are driven straight to the plane and then picked up upon arriving at your destination. Then there is the fact that there are more than 5,00 airports in the United States that can be utilized to take off and land your private jet. This eliminates your travel time to and from the airport, allowing you more to prepare for your vacation and more time to enjoy it while you are there. You will also save travel time with a private jet charter since every flight you take will be non stop, therefore there are no lay overs and waiting in crowded airports to board a second flight just to make it to your destination.nnSometimes delays are unavoidable due to weather conditions. In August 2009 one of the major carriers in the United States forced passengers to stay on a plane overnight rather than allow them to return to the airport lounge. It is common for commercial airlines remain on the tarmac with a plane loaded with passengers for hours at a time. That just doesn’t happen when charting a private jet. If conditions will not allow the aircraft to depart, passengers are driven back to their hotels and collected when the jet has received permission to leave.nnAnother great perk, when chartering a private jet, is the customer service. There is a general aviation terminal for all there customers that serves as a hospitality center. Customers are welcomed to come in and enjoy complimentary hot beverages, bakery products, internet, television and reading material. This is the perfect place to sit back and wait for your whole party to arrive, or pass some time if you arrived early for your flight.nnChartering a private jet ensures that you and the rest of your party are traveling in a comfortable, private environment. If you are traveling for business you can use the time to work on an upcoming presentation, or project. If you are traveling with your family you can be at ease knowing that your family is safe and comfortable in this relaxing environment.nnWith all the advantages of chartering a private jet, why would you fly another way!

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