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Why Mutual Fund Software for Distributors Includes Multiple Facilities?

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A business runs smoothly and adequately when it has the best technology to conduct the operations and in absence of such technology the full business face difficulty. Each task requires special effort and attention along with accuracy and a single distributor lacks the efficiency in completing each task of the firm. To solve the issue of the distributors the wealth management platform is made available by Wealth Elite in the form of Mutual Fund Software for Distributors which has all features for the business.

The distributor can easily register new clients virtually without any delay and share the best services with the clients. The management of the business is easier with the assistance of the wealth management platform that reduces the burden from the distributors and improves the accuracy of completing the tasks on time. Also, the advanced features help the distributors in attracting new clients regularly.


  • Virtual and digital on boarding of investors.
  • Advanced white labeling feature.
  • Share reports instantly at a click.
  • Rebalancing of portfolio for best results on investment.
  • Financial calculators for future returns.
  • Analysis of portfolio at a glance.
  • Online ATM for higher output on idle money of clients.
  • Deliver constant services to each client.

The advanced features help the distributors in managing the complete business without worry and improve the relations with the investors for the long term. The business can be easily monitored from any place without a hassle. Also, the clients get the best services from the distributors which improve the results on the portfolio. Thus the platform is the need of the mutual fund business without which working of a firm cannot be assumed. The proper services can be delivered only through technology which also reduces the cost at the maximum level.

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