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Why is the American Medical Association finally weighing to oppose anti-abortion bills

In the late 1800s, the American Medical Association invented the anti-abortion movement, but over time, its ceased to advocate on either side of the debate -- until a bizarre 1997 statement supporting a GOP bill banning late-stage abortions (later revealed to be a "blunder" on the part of the trustees), after which the group returned to silence. Now, the AMA is taking a stand again: against the slew of GOP state-level anti-abortion measures that are designed to put Roe v Wade before the new Supreme Court, whose two illegitimate Trump-appointed Conservative justices are expected to vote to overturn the landmark decision that legalized abortion in America in 1973. So why has the AMA come down off the fence? There are a number of factors at play:

AMA Abortion Lawsuit Puts Doctors In The Thick Of Debate [Julie Rovner/Kaiser Health News] (via Naked Capitalism) (Image: Lorie Shaull, CC-BY-SA)

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