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Why is residential school best for a student’s mental development by ODM Public School

The best residential schools in bhubaneswar offer a great environment for the students to grow, not just academically but in all the aspects of life including emotional, physical and mental health. There are multiple factors which have a crucial impact on the student’s mental growth such as the sense of belongingness, security, the physical health and a lot more.

Here is why Residential School is the best options for the student’s mental health development:

  1. Teachers Pay Attention to the Needs of Every Student: The best residential schools try to align the limited number of students in each class which provide the opportunity for both the teacher and the students to create a stronger bond with each other.

Boarding school teachers provide individual attention to every student and hence the teachers are always at the student’s disposal which leads to mental development as they have the sense of support and of being heard.

  1. Students understand their Independence: While studying at a regular day school, many students get completely dependent on their parents for each and everything in their life which has a negative effect on the child’s development.

But while studying at the best residential schools in Odisha, students experience their freedom and learn to use it wisely and take responsibility for their actions. Facing the new challenges teaches them the importance of planning, self-motivation, and self-accountability.

This is a great step for a student’s mental development as they learn to act in a mature manner which helps them to grow in life.

  1. Residential Schools classes are not limited to the classroom:

Since all the faculty members and the students live on the same premises, students gain a benefit of direct connection even outside of the classroom. This even helps the students to stay motivated and work on their mental growth and can perform better in other sectors of life.

  1. The Boarding School Environment encourages growth: The boarding school environment plays a great role in the development of students’ skills as well as their mental health. Such an environment of freedom helps in shaping their character and even nudges them towards their mental growth giving them a head start in life.

The fellow students, teachers and the management turn into a family for the student which develops the feeling of trust and the student feels cared for and at home.

  1. Equal Importance to Co-curricular activities: The CBSE boarding school in Bhubaneswar understands the importance of growing academically, but it also understands the importance of taking the overall student’s development in account of growth.

Hence, the boarding schools encourage students to grow even outside their textbooks which is a great choice for the student’s mental development and leads the student to a better future where he/she can flourish and grow into a competent and independent adult.

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