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Why Is Employment Legislation Needed?

02.24.2022 · Posted in Legal Articles

Several major laws exist that define the rights of employers and employees. These laws protect their rights and ensure the employer does not discriminate, harass, or terminate the employees. Laws are augmented by local and state laws that have further expanded the rights of employees and employers. These laws are essential as they help to create a fair society for everyone. Here you will see the number of reasons why employment legislation is necessary for society.

Major Laws For Employers And Employees

Most of the laws are state in books that regulate the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees in the workplace. The employment solicitors Manchester is dedicated to providing the employees with their rights. There are dozens of laws affecting the employees and employers, and most of the mentioned laws fall into one of the four major categories. the four major categories are:

Wage and hour laws

Anti-discrimination law

Workplace safety laws

Payroll, tax, and finance laws

What Are The Benefits Of Employment Legislation?

The employment law protects the rights of employers and employees that the employer does not discriminate, harass, or terminate the employee unlawfully. And for businesses, these laws make sure that employees fulfill the contract. Here are the number of benefits for employees that come with the employment law.

It Is Vital For The Success Of The Business

Employment laws are made to protect employees from an unsafe environment, discrimination, and termination. When these laws are follow properly, both employers and employees will get benefits. To run a successful business, following these laws is essential. Not following these laws can devastate the business. The employment law ensures the person is working in a safe and comfortable environment and enjoying their job each day.

Provides stability

The purpose of employment law is to create a balance between employer and employee. No discrimination, no harassment and no unlawful termination led to economic stability. These laws give employers the right to operate their business peacefully as long as they are treating their employees fairly. Following these laws in every workspace is important for the stabilization of the economy, and it also increases the quality of living in a particular country. People consider the country stable and successful for providing safe job opportunities.

Prevents Discrimination

Discrimination between employees within the workplace is taking place in many forms. In most offices, the employee is demot due to high age or gender. The other forms are race, ****** orientation, and nationality. The main reason for the implementation of employment law is to prevent discrimination. This law ensures that no employee is being discriminat against due to age, gender, race, or any disability. A wrong termination is also a form of discrimination. Terminating the employees due to them requiring maternity leave or workplace injury is total discrimination.

Protects The Rights Of Both Employer And Employee

Employment law does not only protect the rights of employees but also the employers. Just like employers are suppos to hire a candidate without discrimination, and provide a safe comfortable environment, employers have some rights as well. Employees are responsible to show up at work on time and completing all the assign tasks on time as established in the contract.


The employment legislation ensures that the rights of employees and employers are protect. If an employee in the workplace feels like being discriminate against due to gender, disability, or race, if they were sexually harassed, or were unlawfully terminated, the employee may hire a solicitor and find out what legal action they can take. Every worker needs to know their rights in the employment act.

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