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White Elephant gets a wild twist at this family’s holiday party

12.26.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles

Nothing tears families apart like an intense game of White Elephant, but this family takes things to another level of competition. 

Also known as Yankee Swap or Dirty Santa, every player has to bring a wrapped gift. The game has players either choose a random gift to unwrap, or steal an already unwrapped gift from someone else.

Since the point of White Elephant is to get rid of your junk acquired over the last year, gifts tend to be pretty impractical, and competition can get dicey. In Adrienne Young's family, though, players have to compete in a mini game if they want to steal someone else's gift. From knocking over cups with balloon air to speed-eating a fruit rollup without hands, you have to be in it to win it if you're planning on stealing your auntie's hot chocolate gift set.  Read more...

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