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When You’re Feeling Sick – Eating Chicken Soup Gift Can Relieve Discomfort

07.28.2009 · Posted in Food and Beverage Articles

There’s nothing worse than catching a cold. Our body changes significantly leaving us with no energy and in some cases not able to function in a normal capacity. Our lives quickly change when we get sick. With a cold it’s hard to breathe and swallow. We lose our appetites, and are groggy from medication. When feeling sick – eating chicken soup gift can make a significant difference, and here’s why.nnAmazingly, there is truth to the matter that when you are feeling sick eating chicken soup has its benefits. Although when you are feeling sick eating chicken soup isn’t solely a cure for the cold of flu, it can diminish discomforting symptoms.nnThe spices used in soup delivery to flavor it up like fresh garlic or powers, and peppers can provide some of the relief that is found in cough medications. The contents of the soup and the broth will help clear up a stopped up nose and help relief painful soar throats. The chicken in the soup has amino acids that are good for bronchial relief, thinning mucus, making coughing and clearing up chest congestion easier.nnChicken soup is loaded with essential ingredients that helps with your cold. Beta carotene is in the carrots that fight off infection and viruses. The onions used in the soup have anti-oxidants that are related to anti-histamines, keeping nasal passages open. There are many benefits to eating chicken soup.nnWhen you are feeling sick eating chicken soup has other significant advantages. It is nice and warm when you are eating it. It works extremely well relaxing the body and soothing you, providing you with additional comfort. If anyone in your family prepares some for you, welcome it with open arms.nnWhile you are recuperating there are a variety of things you can try that can make you feel better along with eating your chicken soup. Children and their laughter are always good medicine. Although you won’t want them to catch your cold, sharing a good laugh and book will help. Cozy up in a special blanket and let the fun begin. Let them read to you until you fall asleep. Another good soothing source is team with peppermint, lemon or honey.nnSettle down in a warm bubble bath with aromatic candles in lavender scents. Lavender is perfect for a soothing and calm atmosphere, helping you to relax and relieve anxiety from being sick.nnSome friends are creative and deliver remedy gift baskets to perk you up. If you haven’t tried aromatherapy herbal packs, you’re in for a treat. These are great replacements for humidifiers and vaporizers. An herbal microwavable pillow loaded with the contents of peppermint and lavender are great at clearing your nasal passages, and the scent is fantastic.

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