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When it comes to your network marketing opportunity are you all fluff or all substance?

11.02.2009 · Posted in Internet Marketing

Over the weekend, seven of us went to dinner at an Italian restaurant in the next town over from where we live. Ironically none of us ever heard of it before it being recommended by a co-worker one day last week. It is the internet age so we immediately checked their online menu (which, by the way, contained no prices but we were assured by the person who recommended the place that their prices were very reasonable). rnrnThe online reviews were terrific mainly focusing on the great food quality and the fact that the owner/chef would personally come to the table and rattle off the menu. This further added to our excitement.rnrnWe arrived there and were surprised to see that there were only 8 tables in the tiny restaurant (and we took up 3 of them pushed together). True to form, the owner/chef came out and rattled off the menu but then told us in his charming, half English and half Italian that he would decide for us. The appetizer came out which was one small pepper and a few lettuce leaves on top of 2 small slices of tomato. Next came pasta: 10 – 12 penne pastas per person with a trace of sauce (when my wife asked for extra sauce, out came the chef, rolled his eyes and said, again in his charming style, basta – enough – you have enough sauce). The entre came and it had 1 chicken medallion and 1 spare rib. For dessert the charmer sent out 7 different desserts from a tiny slice of pound cake to my pinky-sized sliver of cheesecake approximately

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