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When is it Convenient to go for an Extended Stay Short Term Rental?

06.23.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

As an alternative to staying in a hotel, more people are choosing to rent extended stay accommodations. The purpose of an extended stay short term rental is to provide accommodations that create a home-like experience. There is more space to live and work, as well as extra amenities. Stays can vary from days to months.nnThere are a number of reasons why one would find it convenient to rent an extended stay short term rental, and they include:nnWhen you are going on a lengthy business trip Working on a lengthy project that is far from home If your house has received damage such as a fire or flood and you need a place to stay while looking for another place to live. If you are going on a long vacation that could result in an expensive hotel costs. If you are new to the area and are looking for a home. If your house is in a state of disarray due to renovations. Relocating to a new job Visiting friends or family nnExtended stay rental accommodations can vary from studio apartments to complete condominiums. They include a choice of the number of bedrooms, a fully functional kitchen, large space, fully decorated rooms, en-suite laundry, easy access to major roads and highways, quality security features such as a personally encoded intrusion alarm system, house keeping services, and they are usually centrally located in the urban area or very near it. . nnOne of the main reasons why people choose short term rentals is the price. They can have all of the luxuries of a hotel, and maintain the comforts of home. It is basically a home away from home.nnOther benefits include:nnThey are cheaper than hotels with the same, or even more amenities. You can rent daily, weekly or monthly.nnThe units are clean and spacious and will normally contain all the modern conveniences such as CD players, one or more televisions, DVD, and VHS.nnWith a fully functioning kitchen that is complete with all the essential appliances, you do not have the added expense of dining out. If you do want to dine out, there will be excellent restaurants nearby.nnYou will have free unlimited local phone use, as well as a fax, computer port, and personal voice mail. You can also have the latest internet technology such as Wi-Fi high speed Internet nnDepending on the rental, you may have access to saunas, pools, and recreational activities such as gymnasiums and tennis courts.nnBefore you arrive, you can often pre-order food to be stocked in your refrigerator, cupboards, and freezer. The units also contain a stove, microwave, dish washer as well as a washer and dryer.nnMost rentals will have access to a car rental company so that you will be able to quickly rent a car from a top rental company. Most places have secure parking such as underground parking.nnBecause you will usually be located in the heart of an urban area, you will be near entertainment activities such as movie theaters, malls, restaurants, night clubs, and playhouses.nnSome units even have agreements with real estate companies to help guests look for a new home or condominium.nnShort term rentals are an affordable and convenient form of temporary housing. They are a great choice for people who want the luxury of hotel, but with a homelike atmosphere.

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