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What You Need To Know About A Stock Portfolio

04.14.2010 · Posted in Stock Market Articles

Stock portfolio may be described as a list of stocks in which investment has been made. When someone mentions their stock portfolio, they are talking about all of their stock investments. If they say their stock portfolio is up 14%, it means the average return for all their stock investments has been 14%.rnrnIt needs some experience and research work to build a proper stock portfolio. To create an appropriate stock portfolio, one needs to define his or her financial goals first. At the same time, the risk tolerance factor is also very important and should be considered with due importance. On the other hand, the initial investments are also a key figure behind creating a good stock portfolio.rnrnIn any type of portfolio, diversification is an main factor. If there is enough diversity in the portfolio, the investor can remain secured even in the most hostile markets. At the same time, the diversified stock portfolio can help the investor to experience steady growth in the investments. To diversify the stock portfolio, one must do a bit of research and identify the stocks, which come with maximum potentialities. The investors should also try to invest in stocks from assorted industries and sectors.rnrnAccording to the experts, one should try to maintain at least 10-15 different stocks in the stock portfolio. This kind of stock portfolio may be quite expensive, but there are a few stock-brokers who offer low cost plans for creating multi-stock portfolio.rnrnAccording to the risk tolerance factor and the financial objectives, a investor must select from the following categories of stock investment to build their investment portfolio. The categories are:rnrnCapital Appreciation: The investors who are only concerned with the rapid growth of the capital generally select this type of portfolio. The risk factor involved in this category is very high.rnrnBalance of capital appreciation and preservation: Here the investors are concerned with maintaining a proper balance between the growth and the risk. They are not frightened to take risk but the risks are very calculative here.rnrnCapital Preservation: The investors here, are primarily concerned with the security of the investment and generally they are not ready to take any kind of risk.rnrnOnce the stock portfolio is created, it should be monitored properly because the market trend changes very rapidly. There are several types of stocks, which make a stock portfolio and depending on these, the monitoring process should be designed. If the portfolio consists of high risk stocks, it should be checked daily and if the stocks are of medium risk, the portfolio can be monitored once a week. On the other hand, there are several stocks, which provide low growth rate but involve reasonably low risk. The stock portfolios consisting of such stocks only need occasional monitoring.

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