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What to see in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo ?

02.12.2008 · Posted in Travel Articles

In my capacity as the UK Director of Operations for One World Tours Limited, I am often asked all kinds of travel questions.
A client recently enquired about travelling to Egypt for the first time and wanted my advice on what to see at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Here are my tips….

There are over 120,000 items in the Egyptian Museum, so assuming on a typical holidays in Egypt, you will spend a maximum of 1 day there, here is my suggestion for the must see objects in the museum.

The Cairo Museum or the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities to give it its full name, should definitely be high on the list of anyone who is planning on visiting Cairo. You do have to keep in mind however that if you spent 1 minute looking at each exhibit it would take you approximately nine months to see everything

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