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What’s Up With Recent Gas Prices ?

06.30.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Gas prices are certainly a topical issue right now. and the number one question is : will gas prices ever go down to the level they used to be a few short months ago? Even if small price cuts are possible, a return to reasonable gas prices doesn’t seem probable. Given the potentially bleak outlook for the economy, the price of gas is rapidly leaving the reach of hard-working individuals who are unlikely to see a pay raise in line with the ever-rising cost of everyday goods.nnDemand for gasoline will drop as drivers use their cars less. They may develop more economical driving practices or share journeys with workmates or neighbors. Car fuel efficiency needs to increase, and new alternative fuels need to be ready for mass production. As production of new fuels ramp up, supply and demand for gasoline will keep prices stable, albeit high.nnHowever, one reason that gas prices will remain high is that oil refineries will continue to spend millions of dollars finding new ways to refine gasoline so that it burns more cleanly. This is so that it can comply with the stricter emissions standards required. They also have to train personnel and to conduct research and development for future advances.nnIt seems unlikely that the government will step in to help reduce gas prices, because there are simply too many competing political priorities. Indeed, if gas prices are to come down, it will happen because of ordinary people tired of waiting for gas prices to go down.nnPeople will travel less and spend less, hurting our economy even more, and as the cost of food rises, the quality of food people purchase will decrease which will probably result in higher health care and insurance costs. People will also need to start planning their activities better, for example planning all errands on a single day to reduce traveling and fuel consumption.nnThe way to act is to voice your opinion. Don’t moan to your neighbor or coworker but talk to your elected officials. Write to them, call them, email them, after all, your taxes pay their salary so they are on your payroll. Unfortunately big oil companies may hold great sway with our elected leaders, but many voices raised as one can initiate the changes needed.nnIt seems unlikely that gas prices will ever fall to the levels that they once where. When something goes up, it never seems to go down does it ? However, the groundswell of people seeking change may force our nation’s leaders to devise strategies to keep prices from rising further. And it may also convince them to put some long term strategies in place to ensure that the country is not as dependent of gas prices as it currently is.

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