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What Is Real Happiness at Hand

08.28.2011 · Posted in Miscellaneous Articles

There is a story: a ghost want to be reborn, but when *** decided to make him act as a rich person the other life, the ghost answered “I do not want to be rich but only want to be a commoner who do not have too many worries.”. To our surprise, *** does not agree to his request, instead he said”I can give you more money but it is hard to bestow a leisure life on you.”rnFrankly speaking, I really think highly of the ghost in the story. Because he is not only wide-minded, but also understand the true meaning of life, which is easily seen from his pursuit for the other life.rnWhen you first read this story, it is hard to get the real meaning of it. In the common sense, the wish of the ghost is really not very critical. In fact, quite low-grade in the eyes of many people. He doesn’t care too much about wealth. Can’t wealth compare with such an earthborn wish? However if you have read the story carefully, you will get that the ghost and *** actually see the world clearly and know what is really valuable. In the world, wealth can not last forever, just like fireworks, which are beautiful but transient. You can find more happiness in a kind of life where you do not need to worry about foods and clothes even though you do not occupy too much wealth.rnAccording to a survey, the happiest people in the world are not those who are the richest but the middle class. They are neither too rich nor too poor.rnWe live in the world and keep running everyday to pursuit for what we are thirst for, most of which are material. In fact, the spiritual pursuit is far away from us now. People who have power and wealth actually are not as happy as expected. Therefore, we can draw a conclusion that it is not power and wealth that make us happy but the tranquility in the inner heart of people.rnThere are words of a song that leave a deep impression on me: you have not enjoy the beautiful scenery before you and you have also missed the happiness at hand. I would like to remind some people that they are in fact leading a happy life so from the moment on, try to cherish it!rnAll in all, we are common people and have various wishes. However it is not necessary to be jealousy of the rich for we are in fact much happier than them.

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