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What Does It Take To Succeed In A World Of Faith?

10.17.2011 · Posted in Spirituality Articles

With the world’s economy in the tank, companies bankrupt, ,homes undergoing foreclosure proceedings and millions of people out of work with no end in sight, success becomes an interesting, if abstract, concept. Whatever could be out there waiting for you in the form of success? If there is something there, what are the barriers between you and achieving success?rnrnA World of Faith versus RealityrnrnBishop E. Bernard Jordan has an answer to the question “What does it take to succeed?” His answer is that the true secret is based in your ability to live somewhere between a world of fact and a world of faith.rnrnSince we live in the world, we live in a vast ocean of facts. Some things are done, some are not done. Some things are possible, some are not. There is fact on the one hand and fiction on the other. Within the world of facts, only so much can be accomplished.rnrnOne of the problems with living with facts that is hard to grasp for many is that our culture considers there to be an algorithm for everything in the natural world… You invest your money, it will grow. You graduate from college; you will land a job paying you a comfortable salary. You spend years and years learning the corporate culture and climbing the ladder to the top echelons of the corporation, and you will reach the pinnacle, but not without sacrifice.rnrnHow much should you sacrifice before it is too much? Living in a world of faith doesn’t ask about sacrifice. Living there is about how you can achieve success while enjoying what is valuable to you in your life. It is about things that bear no price tag like spending time with loved ones and having the time to watch your kids grow instead of spending all that time in a small, grey cubicle on the 8th floor.rnrnWhen you live in the world of faith, the barrier between you and success lies in your imagination and faith in yourself that you can make your vision a reality.rnrnJordan states “Live is full of tough decisions. Some people go through life pleased that the glass is half-full, others spend a lifetime lamenting that it’s half empty. The truth is there is a glass with a certain volume of liquid in it. From there, it’s up to you! Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”rnrnThink about it. Are you living totally in a world of facts that are stifling your imagination, or are you freeing your imagination and living in a world of faith in yourself, in success and in your future?

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