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What Are Extended Stay Hotels?

08.07.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

You may have heard the term extended stay hotel and thought that it sounded like a contradiction in terms. After all, hotels were created to give travelers a place to stay when they were far from home, not as a place to live. But what if your travels keep you far from home for a long period of nnIf your trip keeps you away from home for months, staying in a traditional hotel would get very expensive. Besides, just how long can a person live comfortably in a one or two rooms. nnHotel rooms are also not equipped with kitchens. In some you may find a microwave and a tiny kitchen, but nothing that would allow you to fix yourself a real meal. This leads to even more expense as you need to eat every meal in a restaurant.nnUnfurnished apartments are not usually a viable option for the short term either. Most landlords want you to sign a lease of at least one year. In addition, you will have to wait while you go through the credit check and approval process. After all of that, you still need to furnish it and make sure that you have all of the linens, kitchen utensils, pots and pans, appliances, and on and on. It will take a great deal of money to make an unfurnished apartment into a place that you can live comfortably in for an extended period of time.nnExtended stay hotels were developed to solve all of the problems that someone that needs to be away from home for a long period of time may face. Like a hotel room, they can be rented quickly and with out the hassle of an approval process. Like an unfurnished apartment, they give you the room you need to stretch out and be comfortable for a long time.nnBetter than either of those choices, rooms in extended stay hotels come equipped with everything you need to live a normal life. Most have a full kitchen complete with all appliances and utensils you would need to fix yourself a complete meal. The fact that there are several different rooms means that you can easily entertain, whether you want to have the guys over to watch the game or fix a special meal for yourself and that special someone.nnAnother advantage is that you will not need to worry about things like whether or not you have clean towels for your morning shower or clean sheets to make your bed with. If you want, most also provide maid service so that you will not even have to concern yourself with vacuuming or dusting.nnExtended stay hotels provide the long term traveler with the comforts of home without the hassle of creating a home of your own. They will cost you more than an unfurnished apartment but they are much more convenient and if your stay is going to be less than a year, an unfurnished apartment simply may not be an option. So the next time you need to travel for a long period of time, rush for the closest extended stay hotel and save your time energy and money for the task that took you away from home in the first place.

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