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What are asthma triggers and how can the condition be managed effectively?

03.17.2006 · Posted in Disease Articles

The underlying problem in an asthma attack is an inflammation of
the lining of the airways, leading to spasms in the surrounding
muscles, together with the production of excess mucus. One or
more triggers can provoke such an attack, but what precisely are
these triggers? There is no all-inclusive list which embraces
these factors, simply because each individual is affected
differently, but some are definitely more common than others.
For instance, cold air will certainly not help, nor for that
matter will exposure to polluted air, such as tobacco smoke.
There are also certain similarities with hay fever triggers, e.g.
grass pollen – especially if in the vicinity of a freshly mown
lawn. In addition the indoor environment has had an affect on
the development of the condition; with homes these days tending
to be warmer and consequently, more appealing for cohabitation by
dust mites – a real enemy of asthma sufferers. It

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