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What New Drivers Need to Learn About MOT Check

05.21.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

People who use to drive the vehicle should know about MOT test. Keep in mind that you just can’t drive the vehicle without passing this test. Actually, this test will help you to check whether your vehicle is in good condition or not. Keep in mind that all the three years old vehicles have to be tested after that they will be legally allowed to drive on the roads. Here in this article we are discussing about things that new drivers should know about the MOT test of the vehicle:

1. It’s Meant to Make Your Vehicle Safe:

Keep in mind that MOT testing will help you to make your vehicle safe and secure and enable it to drive on the roads. So yes, keep in mind that your vehicle should be passed the MOT test only then it will be allowed to run on the roads. It’s just like a safety test for your vehicle. So keep in mind that you should prefer to maintain your vehicle on a regular basis as that will help you to keep in up to date. It will automatically help you to pass the MOT test.

2. Know That MOT Test have a Fixed Cost:

Another thing that you should know about the MOT test is that it consists of a fixed cost. And this cost is set by the Government and mechanics just can’t change the price so be very careful while paying for it. Actually its price is £54.85 so make sure that you don’t pay more than that. Keep in mind that if your vehicle will need extra maintenance work, then you must have to pay a little extra for it

3. Vehicle Faults Dealing with MOT Test:

Another thing that you should know about MOT test is about its new changes that have been made related to vehicle faults. So keep in mind that if any type of fault will be present in your vehicle while having the level 3 award in Mot test centre management test that will be categorized separately. These categories will be according to minor, major or even dangerous based on the condition of fault. So if any of the MOT tester will find dangerous or some major faults in your vehicle during the test then he will fail the vehicle in the MOT test. So vehicle that will have some dangerous fault will not even allowed to take it with you from the test centre.

4. Not All Garages Can Give You an MOT

Other than that you should know that all the garages will never give you MOT services as it is a special test for which it is very important to have authorized and registered MOT tester. Keep in mind that for having the MOT tester in your garage you have to fulfil requirements. And for this purpose you have to get your garage registered, because now there is advanced digital database which should be updated when the vehicle will pass out the MOT test. So without having access to this database, you can’t offer services of the MOT test.

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