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What Latest Study Tells us About E-Cigarette

05.23.2019 · Posted in Article Writing, Writing and Speaking

According to recently gathered facts for a latest research it’s proved that yes the E-cigarettes are also very dangerous for human health. And this study has basically prove so many new things about E-Cigarettes that people really don’t know earlier than this. Yes I agree these E-Cigarettes are less harmful as compared to cigarettes but still it contain lots of harmful chemicals. That might be very harmful for human health. Some of the short term effect of having E-Cigarettes are there but you will be surprised to know that yes there is a substantial evidence that people who use to have E-cigarettes are at higher risk to shift completely towards conventional smoking of cigarettes. Here in this article we are discussing about facts of E-cigarettes that we have found recently.


Increased Exposure to Nicotine:

According to recent evidences, it’s proved that nicotine that comes from e-cigarettes is actually highly variable and it also depends upon the characteristics of the device that you are using and the amount of E Cigarette for sale you are getting.  That is a very dangerous thing even more than smoking conventional cigarettes.

E-cigarettes Can Get Explode:

People who are using the E-cigarettes for the first time should know that it can also get explode. So it’s better to take precautionary measures while using the E-cigarettes. Its batteries should be properly maintained.

Other than that you should always try to buy the product from the verified company that use to sell safe and high quality products. Cheap qualities might become the reason of sudden bursts and flames from the products.

Long Term Use can Cause Cancer:

  • Actually, there is no proper evidence that E-Cigarettes will become the reason of causing cancer in humans. But according to prediction, yes it might become reason of that.
  • Actually, it’s found in the research that long term use of E-Cigarette might cause a risk of cancer in the human body. That’s why yes, we can say that it is very dangerous just like smoking.

Less Harmful than Smoking:

Firstly, you should know that vaping is less harmful as compared to cigarettes. In smoking you only have to inhale, nicotine flavour that might feel quite boring while in vaping you have the choice to try lots of different flavours that will make it much more interesting and will be less harmful as compared to smoking.

Can Cause Respiratory Problems:

  • Other than that there is actually no evidence available the vaping will become reason of any type of respiratory issues. But still if you will vape or use E-Cigarettes more than it might cause some signs of respiratory issues.
  • Other than that, that according to recent study it’s proved that yes, there might be issues of increasing rate of cough and whistle in adolescents in people who use e-cigarettes regularly and it was also found that these people are more prone to get asthma exacerbations.

Exposure to Toxic Substances:

  • Recent studies reveal that other than just nicotine most of the E-Cigarettes contain so many different toxic substances.
  • Basically, these toxic substances might become the reason of so many harmful illnesses and diseases. Which people just can’t imagine just like

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