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What is Turning Machining Process is all about

03.16.2020 · Posted in Manufacturing Articles

In simple words, turning is a process of material removal. It is widely used in various industries to make a turning part. To cut the unwanted materials, it requires some expert turning machine or lathe, work-piece, fixture, and cutting tool.

When it comes to the work-piece, it is a kid of pre-shaped material that is fixed into the turning machines to accelerate the rotating speed effectively. In some of the turning machines, when some make use of the single-point cutting tool, some are using multi-point tools. So it depends on the requirement. Moreover, the cutter of these machines eliminates unwanted materials to create a properly shaped turning machining part according to the requirement.

Delving deep into the use of tuning tools, they are specialized in creating rotational parts that have numerous highlights, such as holes, grooves, threads, tapers, various diameter steps, and even contoured surfaces.

The machining parts incorporate the segments that are utilized in restricted amounts, maybe for models, for example, custom-designed shafts and fasteners. Turning apparatuses are likewise utilized as an auxiliary procedure to include or refine highlights parts that were fabricated utilizing an alternate process. In short, this process offers high tolerances and surface finishes that make it appropriate for totaling accurate rotational features to a part even if the initial shape has done.

Many people need to know about the time required to produce the turning part. However, it depends on the primary setup time and the cycle time for all parts. The setup time includes different sections, including plan the tool movements (regardless of whether performed physically or by machine), and introduce the apparatus gadget into the turning machine.

On the flip side, the cycle time can be categorized in different sections such as load/unload time, cut time, idle time, and tool replacement time. Let’s discuss briefly these categories-

Load/unload time is the time needed for loading the work-piece into the turning machines, secure the fixtures, and unload. However, the work-piece may vary with the type, size, weight, and complexity that impact the loading time.

Cut time is the time required for slicing apparatuses to make all the vital cuts in the work-piece for every activity. When it comes to the idle time, it is the non-productive time that incorporates the tool approaching and withdrawing from the work-piece, tool movements between features, regulating machine settings, and changing tools. At last, the tool replacement time is essential to exchange a tool that has surpassed its lifetime and therefore becomes too worn to cut effectively.

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