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What is the Fastest Way to Relieve Back Pain?

04.08.2021 · Posted in Health Care Articles

Are you dealing with back pain? Well, you are not alone. Roughly, around 95 percent of the population around the world above the age of 20 suffer from back pain. According to the Global Burden of Disease Study, backaches or back pains are one of the signs leading a human to disability in every country.

What might intrigue you is that back pain is not caused due to any of the serious medical conditions like arthritis and cancer. However, stress and anxiety along with strain from a bad posture is the major cause of this.  It is also important to point out that pregnancy is also a cause of lower back pain in almost all women.

While the pain is nothing alarming (sometimes) it does disrupt our personal lives including work. The spine and back muscles support most of the body weight and use these muscles for making movements like walking, standing, or sitting. If you are going through pain, everything hurts!

There are various remedies for back pain or lower back pain treatment, hundreds in fact. But which of these are the most effective? We have the tried and tested methods mentioned below.

Pain Relief Cream

If you want instant relief, a pain relief cream is a harmless yet very effective method to cure that pain instantly.

The pain relief creams are inexpensive and easily available anywhere. These creams contain capsaicin which is a compound found usually in hot peppers. According to certain studies, pain relief creams can even help treat osteoarthritis pain. Besides, the menthol cooling effect is so satisfying and also dulls out the back pain temporarily since it has the ability to desensitize the pain receptors.

Warning, do not use too much of it because you could become more sensitive to pain.

Heat And Cold Pads

Another harmless method to help you relieve your back pain in a jiffy. Applying an ice pack wrapped in a towel on your back can decrease inflammation. It can even numb the intense back pain. Use cold packs or ice packs or even frozen vegetables whatever you have available covered with a cloth. Direct contact with the skin could lead to frostbite. It is not advisable to use cold packs for more than 20 minutes.

Stiff and achy back muscles can be relieved with hot packs or heating pads. Read the instructions carefully and test the temperature before bringing it into contact with the skin. In case you do not have a hot pad, you could always use a hot water bottle, a cloth bag of uncooked rice heated in the microwave, or just simply heat your towel with iron.


Arnica is a homeopathic remedy that can be applied directly to your skin to treat all sorts of muscle soreness, bruises, minor injuries, and swellings. Arnica comes in a form of a cream or a gel and is easily available.

Stretching And Exercise

Even if it may be hard for you to move, slight exercises or stretching can help you relieve your pain. Yoga, a short walk, exercising in the pool, or any low-impact exercise can really do the trick.

For the stretch try the following for 30 seconds only:

  1. Touching the toes
  2. Cat-cow pose
  3. Cobra Pose
  4. Child Pose

In case your back pain turns out to be severe and endless, it would be advisable to go see the doctor immediately.  Do not take a small pain like this lightly, anything could be possible.

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