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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Business Loan Calculator?

07.06.2021 · Posted in Loans Articles

Most banks and financial institutes offer flexible services for loans, bank accounts, fixed deposits, and other financial products. Everyone wants to grow and prosper by starting their business and choosing the line of products and services. They also require finance for investing in business equipment and meeting daily needs. The world revolves around money, and you cannot ignore expenses as that might affect your lifestyle.

The working class generally applies for a business loan from banks and NBFCs to meet their financial and commercial requirements. They repay it through instalments over the loan tenure with interest and ensure not to default on it. For making the calculations easier and offer a quick view of what a small business owner should pay each month out of the profits, the business loan calculator comes in handy.

The EMI calculator helps figure out the amount you are comfortable paying each month. Every business has its typical characteristics when it comes to cash management and various expenses. A surplus is when the revenues exceed the costs and based on this amount; you can decide if the EMI is affordable. It helps you plan the finances better for the entire term and is the best approach for applying for a small business loan.

The formula used for calculating the EMI is E = P x r x (1+r)^n/ ((1+r)^n-1), where,

  • E = EMI
  • P = Principal amount
  • R = Interest rates
  • N = Duration of the loan (in months)

You should consider the time limit and loan interest rates. For example, a lower EMI increases the loan tenure, which means you can pay small amounts monthly, but the loan continues for a longer period. It depends on the business’ state and the ability to pay; this can vary between organisations.

The other benefits of using the calculator are:

User friendly

By moving sliders across the three inputs: the loan amount, interest rate, and loan tenure, you receive accurate EMIs. You can enter them manually for assurance. Hence, EMI Calculators offer the most user-friendly solution.


Mathematics is not everyone’s strong point, and calculators work best to avoid long calculations. Users can avoid the time taken for rectifying errors and use it for multiple loan calculations.

Saves time

The business loan EMI calculator gives instant results after you add the variables correctly. You can see it from websites and use it at any time of the day. It is also free of cost.

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