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Weight Loss Myths Unmasked by George Washington Weight Loss Expert

07.23.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Losing weight is all about numbers; this myth is now being taken on by a person from the George Washington University area who is an expert in weight loss. For a long time you have been told that one pound lost on the weighing scale is equal to one pound of fat lost from the body. It is a myth and the worst misleading weight loss concept that if you weigh less, you will look better in a bikini. Look at it this way, a baseball is heavier than a beach ball, but a beach ball is pliable and soft, whereas the baseball is firm and hard. Now how would you like your body to be?nnThe truth about looking good and being healthy is less about how much you weigh and more about what comprises that weight. You can be 150 pounds but have 50% body fat and you can rest assured you will not look great *****! People have been so misled when it comes to weight loss that they will try unimaginable things just to get the scales lower. Thankfully, a George Washington weight loss expert has uncovered the truth about how to lose weight effectively.nnIt is completely true that the muscle mass determines the metabolic rate of ones body and in turn decides how you look in your swimsuit. Most of the weight loss plans make you weigh less on the scales, however one might not be sure whether it is muscles loss or fat loss. This is a very fundamental mistake which needs to be corrected. One should not loose muscle mass as it helps in burning more calories and makes you look much more fitter in shorts than the fat would. If you loose fat, for example five pounds and in turn gain equal pounds of muscle mass then it would appear as if you have lost 10 pounds, but the weighing scale would not show weight loss.nnNow if you are all set to loose weight effectively you must follow the advice of the experts on losing weight from the George Washington area. Body composition should be measured as per their instructions given to their clients. It is simple and can be done privately at home with a measuring tape. It is recommended that you take regular measurements and track the inches lost and not the weight lost on the scale.nnAn inch loss in men means the loss of 4-5 pounds of fat whereas in women it means 3-4 pounds. You should aim at maintaining your weight with a uniform inch loss from all parts of the body. To begin with, just measure all the areas and then start building more muscles in your body. Men can just measure their waist since men put on weight mostly on their waist. Women should measure their waist, hips and thighs. The measurement for women should be taken in the following manner:nn*Hips- Measurement of hips can be taken while standing with a little distance between your feet which should be same as the hip width. You should take the measurement with the measuring tape placed around the maximum circumference area of your back.nn*Thighs- Measure up six inches from the knee and then measure around your thighnn*Waist- It can be measured at the same level as the naval.nnTake all your measurements on the same day each week and after you use the restroom to ensure consistent accurate results. These measurements will give you the best indication of true fat loss and is being used by many George Washington weight loss centers.

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