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Water Powered Car- Not just a Dream but a Dream Realized

10.05.2008 · Posted in Business News Article

The rapid globalization and rapid rate of development have led to higher standards of living and this in turn has led to a massive growth in energy requirements and oil usage. Oil has been the most important source for meeting the growing energy requirements. It has also been the bone of contention for several human conflicts that have only brought more destruction and suffering.rnrnAs much as we would like to believe that the phenomenon of globalization has helped improve the standards of living, it has also brought with it the hunger for energy, and oil fits the bill perfectly as the most dominant source of energy. The reason being, along with a rapidly improving standard of living, we want access to all of the basic amenities in the world for ourselves and our families. Amenities such as water to drink, electricity for lights, good roads for transportation and definitely oil are no exception. But one thing that constantly escapes our collective memory is the fact that oil resources are non-renewable in nature, so once oil is used up, it cannot be replenished. So as our energy requirements keep on increasing day-by-day the oil resources are also depleting day by day. So the emphasis should be on developing alternative sources of energy that are not only clean and renewable but at the same time are also environmentally friendly.rnrnBecause of the above mentioned information it has become necessary to develop and encourage renewable and environment friendly technologies. To this effect we have heard about harnessing the tidal energy, the solar energy and not to forget, the abundant wind energy. With that said, there have been breakthroughs in the development of clean energy and the subject of concern is the usage of water for developing hydrogen-powered technologies for automobiles. Now one might wonder as to how water powered cars would run. The Fact is, 75% of the earth

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