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Watch Gorgeous Silver Rings In Chinese Miao’s Moon Dance Festival

11.06.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

The Miao ethnic group residing in southwest China are famous for their colorful costumes and beautiful silver rings. During holidays like the Moon Dance Festival, Miao girls will wear rich attire to display their beauty and wealth. The Moon Dance Festival is also the best time for young people to look for their partners. Men play Lusheng musical instrument, while girls dance around with their glistening silver rings. The festival is held three times a year. About the origin of this festival, here is a story.nnOnce upon a time, there were two brothers who lived on the mountain. Every day, the elder brother went to chop wood, and the younger brother went fishing. Then they went to the market to sell their products. They led a simple but happy life.nnThe elder brother enjoyed music. Every time he went to hew wood, he would always look for some reed and bamboo, then make them into a pipe and play it. It sounded very beautiful. So gradually he collected many pipes. One day, he sat on a stone, and blew the pipes one by one. Each pipe made sound with various pitches. He said to himself, “If I play all these pipes together, then what music it would make?”nnOne day when he hewed a kiri plant, he found the inside of the kiri was empty. He drilled a few holes in one side of this kiri wood, and placed the pipes into the holes. Then he blew into the kiri. Instantly the kiri produced several different sounds simultaneously. After studying this for long time, he finally created a wonderful musical instrument which could make sweet melodies with different tones. This instrument was later named as Lusheng. People liked this Lusheng music. Even the animals and birds were allured by this sweet music.nnIn a cave nearby, there was a female tiger who was intoxicated by the music too. But the tiger dreamed to have the elder brother only play music for herself. So one day, the tiger became a lady with several big silver rings around her fingers. She came stealthily to the brothers’ home, and ate some food in the kitchen.nnWhen the two brothers arrived home and saw the tiger, they were really not happy, ” How are you here and eat all our fish?” The tiger laughed, ” Your fish was yummy! And now you go with me. I want you to be my husband!” The tiger caught the elder brother, and ran away. The younger brother tried to fight to get his brother back, but eventually he was defeated. The elder brother was taken away. When they left, the younger brother saw there was a tail under the lady’s skirt. So he understood that the lady was actually a ferocious tiger.nnThe younger brother went to call the villagers together. Arming with bows and arrows, they set out to look for the elder brother in the mountains. But one month passed, they still couldn’t find the brother. One day when they walked up to the top of the mountain, they heard a bird singing, ” Come here, come here!” They followed the sound, and got to a cave where the elder brother was kept. The younger brother and villagers killed the tiger, and rescued the elder brother.nnThe elder brother was so happy that he played excitedly his Lusheng music. People sang and danced around him to celebrate their victory.nnSince then, playing Lusheng music became one of the most important part in Miao’s life. In lunar January, June, and August, people hold an exciting festival where men play Lusheng music, and women dance around with beautiful silver rings on their fingers. The festival is often held in a night when there is a bright moon in the sky. So the festival is named as ” the Moon Dance Festival”. It also has an interesting nickname ” Looking for Brother Festival”. The women’s silver rings are especially conspicuous in the moonlight.

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