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Watch Lil Nas X explain ‘Old Town Road’ in this super wholesome video

04.09.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
The Yeehaw Agenda remains strong! Lil Nas X, who recently collaborated with Billy Ray Cyrus for a sick remix of "Old Town Road," sat down with Genius Verified to explain the backstory and lyrics behind his viral hit.  "I started to think about it," Lil Nas X said, referring to when Billboard took the remix off its weekly Hot Country Songs chart. "Listening to other songs that's actually on that chart, it's like, wait a minute. Something's not right."  Lil Nas X explained that he worked on the song while living with his sister, and he was inspired by the "runaway loner cowboy" lyrics.  "I wanted to be more of a triumphant kind of story," he told Genius. "The horse would be like, not having much, and Old Town Road would be that path to success. You know, you're taking that horse to Old Town Road."  Read more... More about Youtube, Viral Videos, Genius, Culture, and Web Culture

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