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Want to start your own business? These entrepreneurs will teach you how for less than $20.

02.10.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
The term entrepreneur tends to evoke images of a tech bro who spends way too much time on LinkedIn, where he brags about being "CEO at Self-Employed" and writes quasi-philosophical posts about the #hustle. (See the Twitter account @StateofLinkedIn for real-life examples, if you dare.)  That stereotype applies to a handful of self-starters, to be sure, but you probably won't find them among Silicon Valley's success stories. The entrepreneurs whose innovations and ideas have actually changed lives are too busy trying new things and dreaming big to spout vapid humblebrags on social media. If you somehow found a way to connect with them, you'd probably get some legitimately helpful tips on how to establish your own business.  Read more... More about Business, Entrepreneurs, Mashable Shopping, Shopping List, and Shopping Stackcommerce

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