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Want To Rescue Cash For Move? Checkout The Traditions That Are Costing You Money

STOP these habits to save money for your shift; an incredible money saving tips @ Packers and Movers Bangalore.

Have you every wondered that where your money disappears? I guess everyone who is reading this article might agree with my words that we never know where our money flows. AGREE?
However a middle class man will try all his targets to save money, like he will try to save electricity because its an eye-catching money wastage what we indeed can stop and somewhere it reflects to our monthly bills, he may try to save on his extra expenses, will stop going for lunch or dinner or small hangouts in order to move under budget, right? But still after doing so much of hard-work we still find our accounts to be empty.

Where this money goes then?

Well this time Packers and Movers in Bangalore has come up with some new stuffs for you all- instead of telling you to choose wisely and compare the quotes and all, this time we will guide you to save money for your move so that you can go with any moving company in the house you want.

This is not about we and others this is about you, packers and movers in Bangalore believes to serve happiness to every door who is soon going to be change, no matter you hire us or not but our packing and moving tips will always be with you anytime you need a help from us and not even tips we will stand outside your door whenever you need us. So this is the high time when you should plan for your move, because vacations are soon be in front, the rates will be high obviously. So this is going to be challenging for your bank accounts, save the money and make your account enough stable to handle the move.

Using the ATMs that aren’t your banks

Are you aware with no bank policies? Well according to this policy if you are using other banks ATM then a nominal GST charge will be deducted from your bank account on order to use different banks ATM. Well this fine is no so heavy- may raise between 5 – 10 INR currency, this charge is meant for SBI banks. Similarly charge may also be there in the norms of other banks. We ignore this every time, but have you heard this- “An ocean is built from drops”; ignoring 10 RS. Every time may lead to 100 one day, and then somewhere reach to 500 and then 1000. It’s an human tendency that when the amount doesn’t reach to heights like 500 to 1000 we usually tend to ignore it. So packers and movers in Bangalore suggest you whenever it’s possible use your banks ATM, else in serious situation we have no options. Saving from little will one day lead heights.

Not keeping track of your change

While us on the topic of money, and I think talking about change is necessary too. Lets suppose you go for a drive, you get a hands full of change, you keep it in your bag, without even seeing is the total is right, do any note is damages and etc. Living in India you have too see everything suppose the note of 50 is damaged, we know that no one is going to accept it because the worth is no more for such notes, and except banks no one will take. So either make a routine to keep aside such notes and after every two weeks visit the bank or make a change. I know its impossible- therefore Local Packers and Movers Bangalore advices you to keep track of your change; count the total when giving or taking from someone and even look if its damaged or written by pen. As we said little-little drops will fill the ocean one day, saving 10 Rs each day will lead to savings of 300 at the end of month.

Letting food spoil

Do you know how many people suffer from lack of food, how many people are used to sleep empty stomach? We all know but we ignore, we are not telling you to go and give them food every day because it’s your call finally. But in your daily lives too we used to pick such packed foods, food materials or stuffs which we buy that some day we’ll make it use but that day doesn’t come. The food is wasted and even the money spends over it. So the packers and movers in Bangalore share you a thought to buy only those products which you need while cooking or may need for another few days. Buy fresh and eat fresh. Never do shopping like the next day food won’t be available. Save money and save food- the thought what movers and packers in Bangalore shares.

Racking up late fees

Paying few 100 Rs is not bad isn’t it? Yes its not if it’s for the first time, but if you’re trained in manner to pay the late fee every time then it is. #Packers and #Movers in #Bangalore is not just talking about paying fee for breaking traffic rules but paying late fee everywhere like in school or college for paying fee late, like paying late fee for breaking up rules, or even paying interest which is similar to late fees again. When it becomes a habit to you, paying every time wont effect you much- you make a thought that what will happen the worse then paying a late fee? But have you ever count it off. If YES then you must have realize that how much you destroy your money on un-necessary things. Packers and movers Bangalore truly understands that might be on certain conditions you may have to pay and when you can try to avoid such situation then why to ignore it.

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