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Want to Live in Dubai: Here’s What You Need to Know

11.17.2020 · Posted in Legal Articles

Life in Dubai is indeed a mecca for anyone who wants to earn big as there are many lucrative opportunities here that one can avail of. High wages and low taxes, make Dubai a top-choice for anyone who wants to work and save a handsome amount of cash. Nevertheless, Dubai is a city where the state takes high measures to protect the working class and this is clear from article 120 UAE labour law.

However, Dubai is a Muslim city, therefore, one has to abide by certain laws and regulations that are applicable here. Consequently, today we’re going to discuss some laws and regulations that everyone living in the UAE has to abide by.

No Drinking in Public Allowed

Consumption of alcohol is forbidden in Islam and UAE being a Muslim country follows the same laws. One can not consume alcohol in public regardless of your religion. Although non-Muslims can drink alcohol, they need to get a license for it. Similarly, you can buy alcohol only from licensed premises after showing your license. However, the law doesn’t tolerate roaming around in public under the influence and it can result in a heavy fine. Therefore, even if you’re drinking alcohol with a license it is best to go home straight after drinking.

Live in Dubai

One more thing worth mentioning here is that the alcohol license or permit is only valid for the Emirate where you get it. Likewise, the legal drinking age also varies from Emirate to Emirate. For instance, Abu Dhabi has 18 years as legal drinking age and in Dubai, it’s 21, whereas Sharjah doesn’t allow drinking. Even if you’re just transiting through UAE and are found in an intoxicate state, you’re liable to pay a fine. Therefore, if you’re fond of drinking and are thinking of moving to Dubai, think again!

Public Displays of Affection are Rare

Holding hands are considered ok in UAE but public displays of affection such as hugging and kissing are rarely tolerated. The overall environment of the UAE can be quite conservative so, such restrictions are normal here. Even though you can dance in your home and clubs but dancing in public isn’t ok. Taking photos of people, especially women, without their consent is a crime punishable by the law. Additionally, engaging in a random or unnecessary conversation with a woman is also considered odd.

Living without Marriage is Illegal

You must be aware that Islam doesn’t allow *** outside marriage, therefore, UAE has very strict laws in this regard. This law applies to everyone living in the UAE regardless of their religion or ethnicity. If you’re not married and are living with a person of the opposite *** under the same roof, you’re committing a crime. So, if you are in a living-relationship and are thinking of relocating to UAE with your partner, bear this law in mind.

This law isn’t only applicable to permanent residencies even the law doesn’t allow staying in hotels without marriage.

These are some of the laws you need to keep in mind before you come to look for a job in the UAE. Nonetheless, if you still get into some kind of trouble you can always seek the help of any of the famous lawyers in Dubai.

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