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Vital WordPress Plugins From Which Every Website Could Get Help

07.30.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

There is a need of depending on websites? Great, we know it is the most important thing to talk about these days. But websites are usually are not very easy things!

Few things that are to be kept in check should be like the website has to be design-savvy, easy to be navigated within, search engines and the links should very easily crawl over and through it and most importantly the website should do very good with search engines and should be well protected from spammers.

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To help one with all this, with maintaining the right standard ad niche is one requires, we would ask everybody to depend on the use of WordPress for their every basic and heightened need.

Why People Depend On WordPress A Lot?

There is not only one reason, but a lot of ones, which makes it easy for people to depend on using WordPress. The foremost reason for such dependence is the open-source code available with WordPress. This indicates the huge level of creativity and fiddling with the code and making it as needed as per one’s desire.

WordPress not only help with unlimited code editing and themes, as per one’s desire, freelance web designer also states that it has a lot of options of plugins to be incorporated as well.

These plugins help in incorporating the features and working as needed or desired by the people. Plugins also help in keeping the website safe from spammers and thus improving the user experience as suggested by the many freelance PHP developer.

Which All Plugins, One Should Never Miss On Installing With Their Websites?

Well, plugins are very helpful, but installing many of these would make the websites very bulky. This one experience would not be liked by the users, as these increases the loading time unnecessary, making the website user experience very poor.

  • Jetpack – For Essential Security & Performance

Jetpack has the right set of tools that would help people to track the performance of the site, check on the spammers and make sure that the site is well protected against the attacks, social sharing options are well taken care of and the statistics are also tracked with its help.

This also helps in keeping the SEO tools enabled and daily backups as well. Once the feature is installed or the plugin is made enabled, this helps in keeping a track by allowing one to see the dashboard.

  • Yoast SEO

Keeping the website ranking higher in the search engines is not easy, but thankfully it could be dealt with the help of Yoast SEO in the best and easiest manner. Not only a few things when it comes to SEO but it also helps and guides how to keep boosting the SEO ranking of the website page.

  • Akismet Anti-Spam

As soon as the website goes live, one can expect the best kind of spammers to attack the website. Some of the spammer’s comment does look genuine and hence it is very necessary to block the spammers, which might ruin the website user the experience of the potential users. This is something which could be easily done with the help of Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin as many remote WordPress developer suggest.

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