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Visit Three Historic Cities for a Memorable India Tour

07.19.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking
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For many tourists across the world, India is a mysterious destination. With the presence of so many languages, traditions, festivals, spiritual beliefs, and landscapes, it seems as if a lifetime won’t be enough to know it entirely. However, you can explore a particular region of this country according to your interest. If you’re a history buff, you’d like to visit the northern part of India where some of the majestic architectural wonders can be explored. Some of the best spots for exploring historic buildings are Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.

A typical India tour that covers key regions of the north would begin with Delhi, which also comprises New Delhi, the capital of the country. Old Delhi is known for the historic Red Fort and old markets. Although these markets are quite chaotic, they offer you the chance to shop for some excellent handicrafts, fabrics, and other items. It is also a good place to witness the life of locals and to taste some popular dishes from a variety of Indian cuisines. Upon visiting Delhi, you’ll realise that the city is more like a combination of many cities. Besides the historic forts, you can also visit several temples, mosques, and shrines in this part of India.

You certainly wouldn’t like to miss visiting Agra as it is home to the world-famous Taj Mahal, an iconic monument of India. It is located in the Uttar Pradesh state on the banks of Yamuna River and has become a major tourist destination owing to some charming buildings built mostly by Mughal Emperors. Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, and Agra Fort are among these structures listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Even today, the city has a medieval appearance and can be a great place to enjoy some of the popular festivals, such as Diwali and Holi.

During your tour of India, you’ll also be delighted to visit Jaipur, the largest city and capital of the Indian state, Rajasthan. It is also called ‘The Pink City’ with reference to the colour scheme that dominates most of its buildings. This city is one of the popular travel destinations in India and home to Jantar Mantar and the Amer Fort, which have been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. During your tour of this city, you’ll also get to witness the City Palace, which is used as a residence by members of the former royal family even today.

These three cities are a part of the Golden Triangle circuit and can be explored by covering a distance of about 720 kilometres by road. Upon connecting the three cities on the map of India, a triangular shape is formed and this is why the tourist circuit has been given this name. The Golden triangle tour usually starts with Delhi and then the tourists are taken to the south for exploring Agra. After visiting the city, they move west towards Rajasthan’s desert landscapes to explore Jaipur. Most of the tour operators provide Golden Triangle tours as they give tourists the chance to experience varied landscapes of North India.

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