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Visit the Most Interesting Places with Your Agadir Holidays

07.31.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking
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A major city located in Morocco, Agadir has achieved tremendous popularity in recent times owing to its charming beach and some historic attractions. It was almost destroyed by an earthquake that occurred in 1960. In the years that followed, it was completely rebuilt by following the required seismic standards. Most of the tourists visiting the city find its climate extremely pleasant and favourable for enjoying sightseeing and other outdoor activities. In recent times, it has become a favourite ‘winter sun’ destination of the tourists coming from Northern Europe. During your time spent in this Moroccan city, you’ll get to explore its most popular attractions.

One of the places you can explore while enjoying your Agadir holidays is the city’s beach. It is an excellent place to unwind under the warm rays of the sun and this is the reason why it is visited by so many holidaymakers from different parts of the world. Most of them are from Europe, as the warm temperatures of the city give them an escape from the chilly weather in their home countries during winters. Owing to the construction of a marina, it has also become a preferred destination of yachting enthusiasts. While taking a stroll on this beach, you’ll also come across some excellent hotels, cafes, and restaurants nearby.

You’ll get to explore some interesting attractions during your visit to the city centre. It would be a welcome change after spending quite some time sunbathing on the Agadir beach. Among the attractive structures is ‘The Grand Mosque’, which is unique among the mosques built in the country due to its modernist-style architecture. The city centre is also home to two intriguing museums. The Amazigh Museum introduces you to the rich culture and traditions of Morocco’s Berber population and displays the ethnographic collection of Bert Flint. Another great museum in the city is the Agadir Memorial Museum, which was built as a memorial to the tragic earthquake of 1960.

The well-preserved walls of Kasbah, Agadir’s popular historic site, are also worth exploring during your holiday spent in this Moroccan city. Kasbah was once a fortified town and its walls and gateway were built as an effective means of defence against attacks from pirates. The history of this site dates back to the mid-16th century when it was home to a thriving population. A visit to this historic part of Agadir would also allow you to enjoy panoramic views of the city and the Atlantic coastline.

Crocopark is another fantastic place worth visiting while in Agadir. It is located about 14 kilometres east of the city and is home to the amazing Nile crocodiles. They were found in large numbers during the early 20th century in Morocco but went into a decline due to hunting. Today, they have been provided strong protection in this park. You’d be delighted to see them moving around freely in their environs, which have been created by the authorities to resemble their natural habitat. You can know more about the crocodiles and the park’s flora during the tours arranged by the park’s staff.

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