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Visit Some Fantastic Places with Your Singapore Holiday

07.26.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking
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Singapore is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world visited by millions of tourists every year from various corners of the globe. This island country is admired across the world for the tremendous progress it has made from being a developing nation at the time of its independence to becoming one of the most developed countries today. You’ll find plenty of attractions worth exploring during your holiday in this island city-state. However, the country is much more than its tourist attractions. As it is a melting *** of cultures, you’ll get to witness some colourful festivals and have wonderful memories to cherish while holidaying in the country.

Your Singapore holiday would be extremely pleasant if you visit this popular destination between February and April. The comfortable temperatures during this time of the year would allow you to indulge in a variety of activities outdoors. The hottest months are May and June. Between November and January, the country experiences its wettest season and showers can last for longer durations. If you’re planning to visit during this season, it is advisable to pack in a raincoat or an umbrella to deal with the heavy showers. Another popular time to visit the island nation is between July and September as this is a festive season.

A popular attraction you can explore while in Singapore is the Marina Bay Sands complex, which is home to the famous vantage point called Marina Bay Sands Skypark. Don’t miss Gardens by the Bay as it houses the Supertree Grove and is an ideal spot to escape the hustle-bustle of crowds. Singapore Botanic Gardens is yet another attractive place worth visiting. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to numerous species of trees and has some charming spots like the eco-garden, bonsai garden, and eco-lake. A visit to the Singapore Zoo would give you the chance to get closer to some wild animals, such as white tigers, zebras, kangaroos, and chimpanzees.

While holidaying in this fantastic island destination, you can also indulge in some thrilling activities. Among them is reverse bungee jumping, which can be enjoyed at Clarke Quay. Kayaking would be the best option to get around in Mandai Mangrove, which is one of the important bio-diversity areas in the country. You’ll be able to see the diverse species of marine life underwater with one of the scuba diving expeditions. Adventure enthusiasts can also test their skills in fast driving at the Formula 1 Track of Marina Bay Street Circuit.

During your holiday in this amazing island country, you’ll also get to savour some mouth-watering delicacies from various cuisines. One of them is Katong Laksa, which is a variant from the Malay and Chinese cuisines. It comprises rice noodles served in a spicy coconut curry along with fish cakes, shrimp, eggs, and meat. Another delectable treat worth trying is the Hainanese Chicken Rice. It is prepared using rice cooked in chicken stock and served with steamed chicken. Chilli Crab is also a delicious dish made by cooking hard-shell ***** in gravy with a tomato and chilli base.

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