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Vegas Vacation: The Tips You Need

11.05.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

What do you think of when you imagine Las Vegas? The city conjures up different images for different people. Some people know Las Vegas better as Sin City, picturing debauchery, drinking and gambling all night long. Others consider a trip to Las Vegas the perfect family vacation. Tourism in Las Vegas hit an all-time high in the late 60s and early 70s, when it was marketed as the ultimate playground for aduts. nnLas Vegas was, in that era, a city filled with glamorous casinos, famous live performances and 24-hour bars. It wasn’t uncommon back then for vacationers to show up in time for an evening stage show, spend the entire night playing cards, down their eggs and toast with whiskey sours and only catch a few hours of early morning sleep before doing the whole thing over again.nnIn the beginning of the 90s, the trip to Las Vegas began to transform into an entirely different type of vacation. Its casinos started drawing in family vacationers in order to compete with kid-friendly attractions at New York New York and the family-oriented MGM Grand.nnOwners of casinos began to see that they were able to cater to an entirely new group of people families, who had their own money to spend, while retaining their old customers, the 24-7 gamblers and high-stakes players. Consequently, there started to be more child-centric performances, restaurants and things to do. Lots of casinos also began creating playgrounds and child areas so parents could continue to buy drinks and gamble.nnCurrently, a Las Vegas vacation is somewhere between a kid’s playground and one for adults. Vacationers will see roller coasters taking flight above the din of the casino’s slot machines and roulette wheels. Nowadays, fliers for ****** services paper the sidewalks and ******* show advertisements paint the sides of cabs, alongside promotions for Sponge Bob Square Pants, thanks to the legality of prostitution in Vegas.nnIt can still feel like an adult’s playground, even as the ***** continues to market itself as a family-oriented destination. There continue to be a higher concentration of fine dining establishments and hot night spots than pretty much anywhere else in America, and Vegas is still overflowing with money and champagne.

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