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Various Benefits Of Co-Branded Debit Cards.

07.24.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Co-branded card programs are becoming very popular with an increasing number of banks joining hands with companies to offer co-branded debit card programs. These cards allow you to represent your company brand as a dominant brand. They also contain hologram or name of the issuing bank and the MasterCard logo. nnCo-branding is actually a partnership among the card issuer, your business, MasterCard and consumers to avail benefits such as increased card usage, efficient market opportunities, higher spending levels, increased value and satisfaction for customers. Well-planned co-branded debit card programs can prove to be very beneficial and important for both local as well as international companies.nnThe Power of Co-Branding:nnAt present, consumers have multitudes of choices at their disposal. Hence, they prefer products and services that will not only benefit them, but also simplify their lives. As such, co-branded card programs enable you to strengthen your relationship with consumers.nnCo-branded debit card programs can work wonder for your business, as they reduce the acquisition costs and attract new customers towards your business and thereby, boost your profit margin. As a co-branded debit card contains your company brand, it serves as a source of constant reminder to customers about your business. By offering attractive benefits, it also attracts the customers towards your business. nnAs a co-branded debit card has the company brand name on it, it is a good way to educate the customers about your business. In addition, you can lure customers toward your business by offering incentives. nnNext, with the worldwide acceptance of MasterCard, you get a chance to enter a huge consumer oriented sector with these cards. As MasterCard is a well-known brand, it promotes the related company names too. With the help of features such as cross selling and refunds, regular buyer plans, co-branded card programs help to strengthen ties with customers.nnA co-branded credit card program works on a prepaid basis and thus, allows cardholders to buy even when they are short of money. It boasts customer-friendly features such as choice and flexibility in spending habit. It even allows the customers to access their account information, balance and transaction history through Internet. Because of these benefits, customers find co-branded debit cards advantageous and easy-to-use.

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