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Using Water As Fuel For Cars

10.02.2008 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Given the inexorable rise in gas prices of late, water as fuel for cars is getting a closer inspection by many people. Despite what the name might suggest, an engine that runs on water wouldn’t really be running on the water itself, but instead extracting the hydrogen gas from the water to be used as fuel. By using certain specialized equipment, the hydrogen can be separated from the oxygen in water and injected into the car’s fuel lines.nnThe two most common systems for using water as fuel for vehicles are a hybrid system, which adds hydrogen gas to your vehicle’s engine and the second system which relies on hydrogen gas production to fuel the engine either on board or separately.nnVehicles with hybrid hydrogen gas fueling systems help to reduce the amount of gasoline usage. They act as an additive to the fuel, just as you see other additives in some gasoline. This extends the miles per gallon you will get from your car and reduces vehicle emissions because hydrogen mixed fuel is cleaner burning than unaltered fuel. Hydrogen gas emits only water vapor when it is burned with oxygen.nnThere are many kits that will help you use water as fuel for cars. The cheapest kits cost less than $100 and use parts from hardware stores and auto shops to help you convert your existing engine. More complex kits can cost up to several thousand dollars and include all of the parts that you will require. A true “water as fuel for cars” system will allow you car to run on pure hydrogen fuel. This system is the most expensive and labor-intensive conversion kit. Once you have finished with it, however, you’ll never need to visit a regular gasoline station again. These systems take up a lot of space because they need either bulky equipment to process hydrogen or large hydrogen storage tanks to be installed in your vehicle.nnIn order to save gas in your vehicle you could either install a mini hydrogen plant in your vehicle for producing hydrogen or opt for a system that has the facility for storing hydrogen gas itself. However, the second option is practical only if you are located near hydrogen producing plant or fueling station. In this method, the hydrogen gas is produced in the plant or fueling station instead of in the vehicle.nnOn board storage tanks for water as fuel for cars systems will be a feature with upcoming releases from major auto manufacturers such as Honda and BMW. Due to the current lack of hydrogen fueling stations, major auto manufacturers will also be offering hydrogen/gasoline hybrid systems. Some of the hydrogen vehicle engines will be the same manufacturers’ gasoline engines modified for optimal operation using hydrogen gas as the fuel.nnWater as fuel is a safe technology but is not exactly how it sound in the description. It is about changing water to hydrogen gas, that is currently used in various applications, including space exploration, for over a hundred years with few major refinements unlike gasoline-powered vehicles. Though it will take some time before you see a hydrogen refueling station in your suburb using water as fuel for your car is a reality today.

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