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Using Birthday Reminders To Keep Track Of Important Occasions

11.06.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Have you ever forgot someone’s birthday? Has someone ever forgotten yours? Forgetting a birthday of a family member or friend is a terrible thing. Not only does it hurt feelings, but it just makes your special day not so special.nnI have never forgotten a birthday of a friend, family member, or co worker before, nor have any of them forgotten mine. I do, however, know many people whose birthdays have been forgotten, one of which was by a best friend. Are you kidding me? The nice thing about birthday reminders is that you should never forget a birthday or special occasion again. Here are a few examples of good birthday reminders.nnUsing A Personal PlannernnMy mom is old school. She uses a personal planner and it just makes me sick. The sad thing is, there are also people my age who use personal planners to keep track of birthday reminders and other events. I just think this is incredibly ineffective. It works, but not my first choice.nnWall CalendarsnnAgain, my mom is old school. In addition to her old leather bound planner, she also uses calendars that hang on the fridge to keep track of events like birthdays. Although wall calendars are kind of embarrassing, they do help keep events fresh in your mind since you see them every day.nnSmart Phone Or PDAnnThis is by far my favorite way to keep track of birthday reminders. In as little as a few seconds, I can enter a birthday for one of my contacts in my Blackberry, tell it that is should remember the birthday every year, and ask it to remind me on two occasions.nnOn my phone, I am able to schedule a birthday and other reminders and set it to occur yearly. Not only that, I can set my phone to remind me twice. Once at some future date and once the day before. I think this is the best solution by far for scheduling events like birthdays.nnCalendars OnlinennThere are many different services online that allow you to set up and keep track of things like birthdays. Google provides a free online calendar service where you can enter events, have them remember them each year, and also email you to remind you about the event. This coupled with the ability to sync your calendar to your smart phone or PDA and you will never forget a birthday again.nnSo, you can clearly see how easy it is to schedule birthday reminders and other events. You will never again be the lame friend or lame brother or sister by forgetting a birthday.

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