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Using a Shipping Container to Build a Mobile Office

Changing the container into something other than a shipping container is the desired result when buying used shipping containers. Doing nothing to them and calling them a storage unit is the most common shipping container modification; modifying them into a steel office container building is the next most common use for retired shipping containers.

Like on a construction site, some contractors are turning to shipping containers as the basis to build a field office from in many smaller commercial applications where a portable office is needed. Not only are shipping containers are durable and strong but are made to be moved.

To change a shipping container into a mobile office or temporary office, several options are available to you. Many will perform the modifications and purchase a container with their resources. To transform a container, this is the least costly way but especially if it’s the first time you’ll be trying to do this, it will take some time and may not be the proper utilization of your time.

Purchasing a container and having it modified to your requirements is the next most common approach by a company experienced in this type of work. To modify shipping containers, this is the surest and easiest method and it is the most costly method if you have the resources also. Routinely performing this type of container modification, a simple Google search will offer a number of companies.

A shipping container modification kit is a third option for consideration. To transform your container into a steel office container, these kits include all the doors, windows, electrical, HVAC, ceiling panels, wall, and flooring needed.

The ceiling panels and wall come complete with insulation and provided with the kit are pre-constructed in four foot long sections and cut-outs for doors and windows, electrical devices and wiring, and finished wall paneling. In five hours, two professional installers can complete a 20′ container; if you have the proper tools and some construction experience.

To complete the project in a standard workday two installers doing their first container modification should be able.

You start in the end corner by installing the end wall panels as most of the shipping container modification kits are very well thought out. Within the container, you will now have a self-supporting structure once you slide the ceiling panel in the structure becomes more square, plumb and ridged.

Once a panel with a door or window is located the door/window openings will be pre-cut in the panels, you will weld in the door or window and need to cut out and mark the opening in the steel container. In resting on top of the wall panels, the ceiling panel slides.

Look into a container modification kit; if you need a clean functional field office then it will save you energy and time. Everything you require will be included in a single delivery.

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