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Useful Information on Cork Flooring

09.02.2018 · Posted in Home Improvement Articles

When it comes to redecorating your property there are many aspects to be considered and one of them is related to the flooring you choose. Which type of floor is best suited for your property? Should you opt for cork flooring? Are cork tiles suitable for your property or not? To make the smartest decision you should educate yourselves on this matter.


To save time, it is best to establish from the very beginning what you want from your flooring. What aspects matter the most to you? What budget have you established? We should start by saying that cork floors are nothing but not new to the market. At present cork flooring is a very popular choice because of its numerous wonderful features but most of all because of its soft, cushion like surface. This material feels great beneath the feet and it is definitely the most comfortable type of floor you can opt for. This type of floor is different than wood and vinyl although it has the same elegance as wood floors.


Cork is a great option for high traffic floors or floors where you will stand for a long period of time. Also, you might consider using it for children rooms, play rooms or rooms for the elderly that are prone to falling. Those of you who are interested in an insulating material cannot go wrong with cork. This can be used in an efficient manner for it forms a barrier against the transmission of noise and it can insulate any room. You no longer have to worry about noises when you use cork for your floors. If you spend a lot of money on utilities you can reduce the costs with cork floors, as they maintain the heat in the room. Although cork is a durable material, it can be scratched but the good news is that it can be refinished.


Whenever you want to give your floors a new look you can refinish their surface. Specialists in this field will sand the cork down so that it no longer has any imperfections and they will re-apply a finish sealer to the surface. If you suffer from allergies, cork tiles are just what you need. When you use cork, you do not have to worry about dust, hair or small particles because this material is very clean and it is recommended for a great indoor air quality. Cork is also known for its antimicrobial properties for it does not grow any organisms.


Another wonderful thing about cork is that the installation process is easy and quite cheap. Specialists in this field will have your tiles installed in no time and you will be able to enjoy a wonderful floor for many years to come. In case one of your tiles gets damaged you can just lift it and replace it. Cork needs a quality water barrier sealer in order to last for a long time and it is easy to maintain and to clean. Apart from that, it is as elegant as hardwood floors but unlike wood, it is available at competitive prices.

If you are interested in cork flooring you have come to the right place. We are pleased to put at your disposal high quality cork tiles that will help you create an elegant décor.

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