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Use Savings on Flights to Dubai for Visiting the Souks

07.03.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

When you’re in Dubai, you’ll be treated to some awe-inspiring sights of towering high-rises and massive shopping complexes. After exploring all the ultra-modern offerings of this Emirati city, you may want to know some of its traditional aspects. Shopping in malls is not something new to the tourists visiting this city as most of them might have done that in their home countries. To get a feel of how people used to shop before these elegant malls came into existence, it is highly recommended that you visit the traditional markets or ‘souks’ of this city.

The savings made while booking your flights to Dubai well in advance can be utilised to shop for your desired items when visiting any of these traditional markets. Among them is the Gold Souk, which is frequented by traders as well as tourists looking for the best bargains on jewellery and some attractive souvenirs made of pure gold. This market has wide paths that allow visitors to interact with all the enthusiastic tradesmen who offer some attractive pieces of gold jewellery. You can also get your favourite gold ornaments custom-designed by the skilled artists in this market.

After exploring this market, you can head to the Spice Souk, which is a close neighbour of the Gold Souk. The aromas of fresh spices would certainly delight you, as you make your way through the bustling trading floor of the spice market. You can also get cereals and fruits in this market besides different varieties of spices. It is a must-visit for all those who wish to see the exotic side of this Emirati city. This market is not only frequented by the locals and expatriates but also some of the top chefs, who arrive here in search of some fabulous spices. Among the items you’d like to pick from this market include saffron, dry fruits, and nuts.

Upon moving further from the Gold and Spice souks, you’ll come across the Perfume Souk on the Sikkat Al Khali Street. Scents of various kinds would please your senses as you move from one store to another that sell the traditional ‘Oud’, essential oils, incense sticks, and other perfumed items. You can either buy some rich oils in bulk or choose to take home a small bottle of perfume. There are vendors in this market who would be quite forthcoming in explaining the difference between various ouds, while you can also get a personalised perfume custom-made and bottled by the highly skilled and experienced perfumers.

One of the traditional markets you’d not like to miss would be the Textile Souk, which is located on the Dubai Creek’s Bur Dubai side. Over the years, it has become the most sought-after place for emerging fashion designers and tailors in the city. This market has an array of shops that are stocked with rolls of fabric, which include cotton, palm frond weaves, fine silks, and other fabrics. You can choose your favourite from these offerings and head to any of the tailors nearby to get a dress created according to your preferences, such as an ‘abaya’ worn traditionally by women of this region or a ‘kandoura’ if you’re a man, or simply a suit.

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