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Unmatched China Tea Sets At Beijing’s Most Famous Tea House

09.30.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Many people don’t know it, but Beijing’s Lao She Tea House just may be the best place in the world to admire some truly great china tea sets and drink some amazing Chinese tea.nnFormer U.S. Former U.S president George H. and Jordanian queen Rania have even been here and rave about the service.nnIt, indeed, has much to offer.nnFrom the moment you walk in, you can feel the atmosphere. The waiters are all dressed in ancient outfits, and greet you in a old-style way. In fact, the tea house site right in an ancient Qing dynasty compound! It’s literally a blast from the past.nnReally, this “tea house” is just as much about enjoying performances as it is about drinking tea from real china tea sets. Some of the best shows in Beijing can be seen here on any night of the week. There are many floors here, each showing their own special shows and plays. But the Chinese tea sets and rare Chinese tea served here almost always steals the show.nnThere’s one act in particular that never fails to draw large crowds. It’s called Face Changing, and it comes from Sichuan province in southwestern China. In this act, the performer wears a brightly colored mask and dances around the stage. Moving his arm in front of his face, he almost magically changes his mask in just a fraction of a second. He repeats this movement over and over, and you can clearly see the bright color of his mask changing.nnBut of course you probably come to a Chinese tea house for the tea. When serving your tea, the waiters use very special Chinese tea sets. Some are enormous, with spouts that extend almost 5 feet from the body of the ***. Pouring tea for every one of your friends is no easy feat, and they will appreciate your applause when they are finished. The fine china tea set always has unique cups for each guest, so drinking is truly a joy.nnAnd don’t worry, there;s no shortage of snacks to go with your meal. Many China tea sets have little saucers to put the snacks on, which makes it very convenient. Many of the snacks at this tea house have interesting names, like “rolling donkey”, and their taste is special to boot.nnBy western standards, enjoying Chinese tea at the Lao She Tea House is quite affordable. Less than $100 will get you some snacks, a performance, and of course a lot of great Chinese tea from the amazing china tea set.nnLocated right in the center of Beijing, stop by this tea house to get a peek into real Chinese culture and enjoy tea served from some very fine china tea sets!

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