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Two By Two: Baby Noah

06.01.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

For any toddler, the world is a pretty big place with lots to learn. The old adage rings true: children are never too young to start learning. That seems to include learning about animals and Biblical tales. One of the most beloved tales is the story of Noah and his arc. The identification of animals and the counting exercises of counting each creature and his or her mate provide a great opportunity to learn. And great opportunities to learn are what the Baby Einstein series is all about.nnParents are encouraged to join the fun. Indeed, what the “Old MacDonald” children’s song begins, BABY NOAH builds upon. Children are encouraged to mimic the sounds of each animal as it makes its way on board benevolent Noah’s arc. This is a great opportunity to help children become familiar with exotic animals, like elephants, lions, zebras, and more. nnThe BABY NOAH DVD also depicts a variety of terrains, showing each animal in is natural habitat. As with animal noises, this helps children with recognition and memorization skills. The lion comes from the wild savanna. Hear the lion roar. These basic exercises can mean a great deal to a childs sense of understanding and communication. No child is too young to feel empowered.nnThe key to learning is entertaining and a scared child is not one who is receptive to learning. From the savannas of Africa to the rain forests of the Amazon, BABY NOAH is designed to introduce the breadth and scope of the world around them. Capturing all the delight of a puppet show, BABY NOAH carries on in the tradition of all Baby Einstein programs by creating soothing, family-friendly content that does not shock or disturb. nnAs the animals board Noah’s arc, two by two, so too are children and parents encouraged to participate with the interactive nature of the DVD. The fun-filled safari is designed elicit vocal and physical responses. Touching, pointing and noise making all come innately to small children and toddlers. To that end, BABY NOAH is beautifully crafted and brilliantly executed. It would make a valuable addition to any learning library or family collection.

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