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Tungsten with you forever

11.07.2009 · Posted in Jewelry Articles

Wedding bands and wedding rings are something that attracts the attention of everyone. When it is the matter of your wedding then it surely will have a greater importance to you. But it is often seen that everyone does a mistake while choosing the perfect ring. As a result they face problems after few years.rnrnThere are some points which are important about a wedding ring. The most important thing is its durability. A wedding ring may not be fashionable, but it has to be durable. The use of it does not stop after the wedding day. It remains on the finger for the whole life. From this point the best choice is tungsten.rnrnIt is true that most of us love to wear gold or platinum rings. You are also one of them. But have you ever thought that these rings are not durable at all? Gold or platinum cannot be your companion throughout the lifetime. Just at that moment the name of tungsten comes to the mind. This metal can endure anything that does harm to the rings. It is almost indestructible.rnrnIf it is a golden ring then the ring will definitely catch scratches after a certain period. It is true with the platinum rings also. The rings will not catch broad scratches but some minor fine scratches will be definitely seen on it after some years. It diminishes the sparkle and glow of the rings. Tungsten can help you in this matter also. It never catches a scratch. Therefore there is no risk of losing the glow of the ring. The best thing in tungsten is that it is washable. If sometimes you feel it to be faded then just wash it. The lost glow will come back very easily.rnrnThe fact that most of us love to wear gold and platinum has a reason behind it. We are fond of diamond and other gemstones. Gold and platinum are the better choice in this matter. Any gemstone can adapt itself with these metals. But do you know that the modern designers are now adding gemstones to the tungsten wedding rings also? The latest designs in tungsten rings suits very well with any gemstone.rnrnApart from this the tungsten rings are now engraved with letters. So you can easily engrave your name on the ring. It will be the proof of your commitment towards each other. The date of your wedding day is another option. The ring will be the memorial of the wedding day forever. It will remind you the sweet memories as long as the ring will be on your finger. If you are thinking that name and date are not so latest then there is another option for you. Any beautiful phrase that suits both of you in your shared moments can be engraved on the ring.rnrnFinally if we consider all these points very carefully then it comes as a conclusion that tungsten is the best choice for the working men. Now women can also look for their tungsten wedding rings as it is also available now.

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